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Versium's Datafinder Launches Predictive Lead Score

Using Datafinder's Self-Serve Model Builder, you can build your own custom Predictive Lead Score based on your historical customer data and Versium's LifeData®. Datafinder allows you to target your marketing efforts to those most likely to convert without the need for a Data Scientist. This new service is built for Marketers.

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Datafinder.com is owned and opporated by versium and allows business of all sizes Self-Serve access to LifeData®

Versium CEO, Chris Matty on Predictive Scores

Chris Matty Discusses the value of Big Data and getting actionable intelligence from Predictive Scores.

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Versium's Partners

Versium delivers its Predictive Scores and LifeData® insights to leading brands and through premier partners including:

What Versium Can Do For You

Versium’s unique LifeData® delivers powerful insights to enterprises of all sizes. Our industry leading data matching technologies enable large volumes of LifeData® to be combined with enterprise customer data.

Machine learning and predictive algorithms are then applied to deliver actionable data intelligence through specific predictive scores.

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Predictive Score: Fan Score

Versium's predictive scores solve the challenges associated with deriving meaningful value from large volumes of data with complex associations. Our scores answer business questions that increase profits or reduce expenses – such as:

Who are my most valueable customers? Who is trying to scam me? Who is most environmentally conscious? Which customers are most likely to cancel or not renew? Who is most likely to donate to my cause? And more…

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