Predictive Scores from LifeData®

Versium CEO, Chris Matty Discusses Predictive Scores

Predictive Scores Improve Your Topline

For companies looking to use data and analytics to improve their top-line, Versium’s predictive scores help produce tremendous marketing efficiencies and improved conversion rates for customer acquisition. By using more than 800 billion consumer attributes and predictive modeling technology, you gain the ability to identify and target customers who have a higher propensity to take a specific action (e.g. transact, cross sell/up-sell, cancel membership, etc.). Using LifeData® Insights, you can put your marketing budget to better use by spending more time and energy targeting people who are most likely to help you grow revenue.

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Versium's Partners

Versium delivers its Predictive Scores and LifeData® insights to leading brands and through premier partners including:

What Versium Can Do For You

Versium’s unique LifeData® delivers powerful insights to enterprises of all sizes. Our industry leading data matching technologies enable large volumes of LifeData® to be combined with proprietary enterprise data.

Machine learning and predictive algorithms are then applied to deliver actional data intelligence through specific predictive scores.

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Predictive Score: Fan Score

Versium's predictive scores solve the challenges associated with deriving meaningful value from large volumes of data with complex associations. Our scores answer business questions that increase profits or reduce expenses – such as:

Who are my most valueable customers? Who is trying to scam me? Who is most environmentally conscious? Which customers are most likely to cancel or not renew? Who is most likely to donate to my cause? And more…

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