What is LifeData® ?

Versium is leading the way in enabling the future of predictive analytics and data services with LifeData®


Versium Analytics operates a large data warehouse, where more than 9,200 data files are aggregated and indexed. This includes Billions of LifeData® attributes. LifeData® is information that is generated through real life events, actions and activities. These data points include such things as: contact details, demographic information, purchase interests, education level, family status, financial details, social insights and much more.

The power of LifeData® is in its breadth, depth and predictive power. Versium’s unique ability to match disparate sets of data and combine these attributes with enterprise data provides the foundation for the company’s powerful predictive scoring engine. Predictive models that utilize both enterprise data and LifeData® are considerably more accurate.

By combining the power of relational and NoSQL database architectures, Versium is able to achieve highly accurate entity resolution and matching in real time. This is the cornerstone of Versium’s LifeData® predictive scores and enables specific individual queries that cross traditional marketing boundaries: Socialgraphic, Demographic, and Psycho-graphic, in both the Online and Offline worlds.

Versium's LifeData

type count
emails Over 7 billion / 620 million unique addresses
social behavioral data 150 million records
demographic data 250 million records
lifestyle data 250 million records
mobile phone numbers 110 million records
land line numbers 100 million records
vehicle data 358 million records
address history trail 2+ billion records
death records 93 million records
dob records 436 million records
email reputation records 1.6 billion records
bankruptcy records 25 million records
under-banked consumers 45 million records
voter registration data 96 million records
Business Contact Records 46 million records
business profile data 14 million records

If you don't see it, contact us, we probably have it.

LifeData® Categories

Contact Data

Full Name Email Address City State
Street Address ZIP Land-line Phone Social Presence Indicator

Mobile Phone Data

Mobile Phone Number Mobile Carrier Mobile Device Type

Verified Email Data

Verified Email IP Address Opt-in URL Source Timestamp

Address History Data

Name Address history Date

Email Bounce File Data

Name Email Address

Demographic Data

DOB Young Adult in Household Religious Affiliation Own/Rent
Age Range Career women in household Number of children Education
Ethnicity Small office / Home office Presence of Children Occupation - Industry
Single parent Business Owner Gender Occupation - Detail
Senior adult in household Language Marital Status Plus a lot more demographic data...

Financial and Economic - Property and Assets Data

Estimated Wealth Credit Rating Range Estimated Income Estimated Household Income
Home Value Length of Residence Purchase Date Purchase Price
Most Recent Amount Purchase Amount, Most Recent Date Most Recent Interest Rate Type Most Recent Loan Type Code
Most Recent Lender Code Purchase Lender Code Most Recent Lender Name Purchase Lender Name
Loan to Value Purchase Interest Rate Type Most Recent Interest Rate Purchase Interest Rate
Home - Year Built Water Source Sales Transaction Code Auto Year
Auto Make Auto Model Auto Edition Number of Credit Lines
Card Holder Amex Card Holder Premium Card Holder Gasoline Gold Gold Discover Regular
Range of New Credit Bankcard Present in Household Card Holder Visa Card Holder Discover Premium
Card Holder Bank Credit Card User Card Holder Visa Gold Card Holder Upscale
Card Holder Unknown Type Card Holder T&E Card Holder Mastercard Card Holder Gas

Lifestyle, Interests and Activities Data

Magazines Membership Clubs Political Donor DIY Auto work
Technology Travel Hobbies & Crafts Health & Beauty
Dieting and wellness Online Education Cosmetics Parenting
Exercise Spectator sports Charitable Donations Music
DIY Home Improvement Outdoor sports Arts and Antiques Film and Movies
Jewelry Investing Pet Owner Self Improvement
Mail Order Buyer Books Cooking Women’s Apparel

Voter Registration Data

Name Phone Address Affiliations

Under-Banked Consumers Data

Name Phone Address Financial Details

Bankruptcy, Lien, and Judgements Data

Name Phone Address Filing Type / Date

DOB Records Data

Name DOB

Death Records Data

Name DOB Date of Death

Business Data

BusID BusName Address City
State ZIP ZIP+4 Phone
Contact Gender SICDescr NAICS
NAICSDescr LocationType YearStarted NumLocalEmployees
NumTotalEmployees LocalAnnualSales TotalAnnualSales AdSize
BusinessAtHome UltimateParentID UltimateParentName SubsidiaryParentID
SubsidiaryParentName Fortune1000Rank UltimateSiteNumber MatchFlag
Latitude Longitude CBSACode CBSAName
FIPS County SecondaryAddress SecondaryCity
SecondaryZip SecondaryZip4 FAX SecondarySIC1
SecondarySIC2 SecondarySIC3 SecondarySIC4 BrandCodes
FranchiseCodes ChainCodes SpecialtyCode

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