What is LifeData® ?

Versium is leading the way in enabling the future of predictive analytics and data services with LifeData®

Billions of Email Addresses and More than a Trillion Lifedata® Attributes.

Versium Analytics operates a large data warehouse, where more than 9,200 data files are aggregated and indexed. This includes more than a trillion LifeData® attributes. LifeData® is information that is generated through real life events, actions and activities. These data points include such things as: contact details, demographic information, purchase interests, education level, family status, financial details, social insights and much more.

The power of LifeData® is in its breadth, depth and predictive power. Versium’s unique ability to match disparate sets of data and combine these attributes with enterprise data provides the foundation for the company’s powerful predictive scoring engine. Predictive models that utilize both enterprise data and LifeData® are considerably more accurate.

By combining the power of relational and NoSQL database architectures, Versium is able to achieve highly accurate entity resolution and matching in real time. This is the cornerstone of Versium’s LifeData® predictive scores and enables specific individual queries that cross traditional marketing boundaries: Socialgraphic, Demographic, and Psycho-graphic, in both the Online and Offline worlds.

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U.S. Consumer Contact Data

Email Addresses 7+ billion 620M Unique
Postal Addresses 250 million
Mobile Phone Numbers 110 million
Land Line Phone Numbers 100 million
Address History File 2+ billion

U.S. Demographic Data

Consumer Demographic Insights 250 million
Consumer Lifestyle Insights 250 million
Consumer Financial & Credit Insights 250 million
Zip code level demographic Data Entire U.S.
Zip+4 level demographic Data Entire U.S.

U.S. Property & Assets Data

Consumer Mortgage Insights 250 million
Auto & Vehicle Records 358 million

U.S. Business Data

Business Contact Records 46 million
Business Profile Records 14 million

Other Government Data

OFAC Data 7,000
FEC Data 35 million
FAA Data 1.1 million
FCC Data 1.2 million

International Data

Canadian Consumer Contact & Demographic Records 19 million
Brazilian Consumer Contact records 100 million
U.K. Consumer Contact & Demographic Records 40 million

ZIP Code Level Government Data

Crime statistics Entire U.S.
Fraud statistics Entire U.S.
IRS Data Entire U.S.
SSA Benefits Data Entire U.S.

Other Data Types

Email Reputation File 1.6 Billion
Compromised Credentials File 1.25 Billion
U.S. Voter Registration Records 96 million
Criminal Records 250 million
Sex Offender Records 1 million
Under-Banked Consumer records 100 million
Bankruptcy Records 25 million
DOB records 436 million
SSID Death records 93 million
Mortgage application records 10 million
California Voter records 18 million
Web Domain Registration Records 118 million
Social Media Records 150 million

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