With Lifelock’s acquisition of ID Analytics, there is a hole in the ID Theft Risk Score space.

ID Analytics has long been a provider in deploying Identity Theft Risk Scores, or measuring a consumer’s risk of having their identity stolen, providing this score to Identity Theft Monitoring companies, as part of an overall solution. But due to the Lifelock acquisition, ID Analytics has discontinued this service. Enter Versium.

Versium, which has an established Fraud Risk Score, measuring the risk of an account being fraudulent at account opening, has evolved this technology to create a Consumer Identity Theft Risk Score. In testing the solution with ID Theft Monitoring companies, it has been found to be more effective than the ID Analytics solution.

“We are very pleased with the test results of our ID Risk Score as the score has proven to predict the risk of an individual getting their identity stolen at a higher rate than the competition”, said Chris Matty, CEO of Versium. “We are now deploying this score with ID Theft Monitoring companies as a valuable part of their solution to prevent Identity Theft for their customers. If a consumer knows they are at a higher risk of getting their identity stolen, they can take extra measures to prevent this from happening.”

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