Predict by Versium


Use the customer lists you already have to quickly build predictive models for different scenarios, so you know which new leads are most likely to become customers. That’s the power of Predict.
Easy predict flow

Extraordinary Results without changing your workflow

Predict model performance
Your critical business questions answered in hours, not weeks

Want to know what your best customers look like and where to find more? You can answer this question and more with highly-accurate, on-demand predictive models customized for your business goals

Lower marketing and sales costs with higher conversion rates

Score your marketing lists for the behavior you want, and then fine-tune your marketing approach to reach the customers most likely to convert.

Product Screenshots

Model Builder Dashboard
Predict-by-Versium model dashboard.png

See the power of the custom predictive models you create

Scored Lists
Predict by Versium scored lists dashboard

Explore the predicted performance for leads in your scored lists

Predictive Lists
Predict by Versium generated list dashboard

Get a visual breakdown of the predictive lists you generate

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