about us

Versium is changing the way that companies make decisions
by delivering automated predictive analytics solutions. These
solutions provide actionable data intelligence more accurately,
faster, and at a fraction of the cost of hiring expensive
data science teams or professional services organizations.

What we do.

Versium helps companies significantly increase their marketing and sales effectiveness by accurately predicting which customers have the greatest propensity to buy their products and services. Versium’s easy-to-use platform removes the need for data scientists and internal data aggregation. It puts the power of predictive targeting and machine learning directly into the hands of marketers, who can create customized high-value audiences for email, direct mail, display, mobile, and social advertising campaigns.

How we do it

Versium’s proprietary LifeData® warehouse contains over 1 trillion data attributes, including both online and offline behavioral data, social presence, real-time event-based data, purchase interests, financial information, activities & skills, and demographics. Automatically matching and enhancing CRM data powers our predictive analytics services, and makes it easy for marketers to take advantage of the power of AI and machine learning.

Our unique, patent-pending technology validates, profiles, and cross-indexes online identities. This ability means we can match attribute data to individuals or businesses provided in a marketing list to fuel the predictive models and scoring.

Versium has automated the process of building and using predictive models. After uploading your marketing lists, the platform enriches with LifeData, builds the models, and shows you who you should be marketing to. You can score your own lead lists or have Predict generate all new high-value leads who are likely to convert and improve the efficiency and performance of your campaigns.

Want to learn?

Contact us, and get on the path to becoming more data-driven and targeting the right customers in the right ways.