5 Ways That A Data Append Can Improve Customer Acquisition

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5 Ways That A Data Append Can Improve Customer Acquisition

When it comes to being able to connect with and acquire customers, the more you know, the better.

By appending LifeData®, available through Versium and on a self-serve basis at Datafinder.com, to your customer and prospect lists, you can get the data and insights you need to make smarter decisions faster across your entire sales and marketing process.

Here are 5 ways appending LifeData®, which contains over 800 billion consumer attributes, can help improve customer acquisition:

1. Segmentation and targeting

Adding life attributes to your prospect lists allows you to better understand who you are selling to, which will greatly improve your ability to do segmentation and targeting. For example, you may add life attributes to your list and find out that half of your audience own pets. Using this information, you could run an email campaign to your prospect list keeping the messaging the same for everyone, but adding a picture that includes a pet to the people who you know are pet owners. Adding life attributes can similarly help you segment your prospect list by age, job title, geography, interests, and more, allowing you to target the right audience with the right message, the first try.

2. Engagement and response

Adding attributes to prospect lists also provides an opportunity to improve engagement and response. Simple attributes can make a huge difference in your ability to create messaging your audience will respond to. Simply adding an attribute like DOB can greatly improve engagement and response rates, as it allows you to communicate differently with different generations. Similarly, if you append data and discover the majority of your customers have children, you could restructure your messaging and offers to be more family-oriented, increasing the likelihood of your audience to respond and engage.

3. Reduce list costs and improve lifetime value

LifeData® insights allow you to better understand your lead lists and potentially negotiate for improvements in list quality from your list providers upstream. For example, let’s say you go to a list broker and ask for a list of fly fishers to market your services to. The broker gives you a list, but the problem is that they give that same list to all of your competitors.

Using LifeData®, you can do a deeper dive into those lists by appending data that helps you better understand your audience. In this process, you may find out that your best customers are fly fishers who also have golden retrievers. You can then go back to your list broker and ask them to scrub the list for fly fishers who also have dogs. As you continue to uncover more insights and understand your customers at a deeper level, you can further refine and improve the quality of your lists, while reducing list costs at the same time. Additionally, because you are only marketing to the people who are likely to be the best fit for your product or service, the lifetime value of each customer you acquire also goes up, as they have become more emotionally involved with your brand through your highly-targeted and customized messaging.

4. Improve message ideation

One of the main challenges of digital marketing today is constantly coming up with new ideas for content and messaging. LifeData® attributes can be an extremely useful tool for improving ideation by giving you a closer look at the types of things your audience cares about and would be likely to respond to. For example, you may know that your customers are primarily couples in their 40s and 50s, but a campaign to a couple with children and pets is going to contain very different content and messaging than a campaign to empty nesters who travel and own sports cars. Understanding these nuances can be a huge help when coming up with campaign offers, subject lines for A/B testing, etc.

5. Improve and expand customer touch points

By appending consumer data to your customer and prospect lists, you can expand the number and quality of ways to communicate with your target audience. For example, you may append and find that your prospects have multiple email addresses or phone numbers, expanding your ability to get in touch with them.

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