Meet Your New Best Friend: The Versium Identity Graph

The Versium Identity Graph is the beating heart of Versium products...

So, what is it?

The Versium Identity Graph is the beating heart of Versium products. Simply put, an Identity Graph is an online database of crucial data about your potential customers—it consists of customer profiles and all the known identifiers that are tied to those individual consumers. These identifiers can include email addresses, phone numbers, usernames, physical addresses, and more. These contact points are a road map to your customers – the more data you have, the easier it is to find them and route marketing efforts to them. 

Sure, but lots of folks have built Identity Graphs. Why is Versium’s different?

An Identity Graph is only as good as the data that it contains. The Versium Identity Graph is unique in that it is the most robust database marketers will find. Our data scientists have built this database over nearly a decade, with more than 33 million individual contacts in North America. Unlike others, we’re not just licensing someone else’s technology. We take our comprehensive database of B2B contacts and match it with B2C contact information, building a more complete profile of individuals. We complete an individual profile by matching up business email addresses with personal email addresses and consumer information such as social media handles – while at the same time keeping this PII secure. We also match individuals to personal devices, offering marketers a clear route to reach their top targets. Our data is scrubbed by AI and machine learning, as well as by our data scientists. The highest quality data means the best identity graph and the most efficient marketing campaigns.

Ok, so how will the Identity Graph help me? 

Once you know who your target customer is, you can build the perfect audience. Then you can  take this audience with you, to use again and again. Let’s say you are a video production business marketing to other businesses. You’ve got a list of names and email addresses you’ve acquired from visitors to your booth at a tradeshow. With Versium REACH, you can upload their names and business email addresses and the Identity Graph will match them with more identifiers, finding your targets’ consumer email addresses, social profiles and uncovering more demographic data on them. Your company can now reach your targets from multiple angles – they will see your marketing messages when they log on to Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, as well as on sites they visit regularly. 

But you don’t have to start with a list of contacts. You can also build an audience from scratch. Let’s say your company sells billing software for law firms. You’ve got a list of law firms that you’d like to target. The Versium Identity Graph will take those domains and find the folks who work there – then layer their consumer data on top of their business data, so you can reach the decision makers at these firms. First, the Identity Graph will locate a Bill Smith at Smith, Jones and Yang Law Firm. Then it will layer on other identifiers: his personal email addresses, his mobile device, where he lives, what his Facebook profile is. We don’t give you this sensitive PII (Personal Identifying Information) to use directly – it’s handled securely so you only receive hashed data to enter into your digital platforms. We handle the PII so you just have to handle creating compelling content. 

Sounds good but how can I make sense of all the data behind an audience?

Marketers don’t need more data—they need the insights that data can provide. That’s where data visualization comes in. Our easy-to-read visuals give you a quick snapshot of your audience, so you can see in colorful pie charts or bar graphs that most of your audience is female, and college-educated, or that your best targets are primarily using LinkedIn and not Facebook. Now you’ve got actionable insights: you can create content that will appeal to this audience and you won’t waste money on campaigns on social platforms that aren’t popular with these customers. The Versium Identity Graph powers these insights!

What can my marketing team expect?

Your marketing team can build an audience of your perfect targets with the Versium Identity Graph and then reach out to them everywhere they are online, from their social channels to favorite websites. By the time they are ready to buy, your business will be a familiar name and they will know what you offer. Best of all, unlike audiences you build on your social channels, you own this audience and can use it again and again, uploading it to all channels for multiple campaigns. By reaching the right people, with the right content, you’ll make the most of your marketing budget, and won’t waste time or money on poorly targeted campaigns. The Versium REACH Identity Graph creates your personal treasure map to marketing success. 

Sounds fantastic. So how can I access Versium’s Identity Graph?

We got you. Sign up for a free 14 day trial to see how the Versium Identity Graph can uncover your perfect prospects. 

Say hello to your new BFF for marketing domination—the Versium Identity Graph. Together, you will supercharge your marketing and reach the right people, wherever they are online. 

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