One Tool to Empower B2B Companies Getting Started with ABM

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Getting started with Account-Based Marketing doesn’t have to be intimidating.

Account-Based Marketing; the marketing method behind successful B2B companies to drive the right leads, build a powerful funnel, and open up opportunities for channel partnerships. 

ABM is not just a buzzword “having a moment” in the B2B marketing world. This marketing strategy is here to stay. B2B firms across industries are finding success in Account-Based Marketing; 87% of B2B companies report that ABM delivers a higher ROI than any other type of marketing. But, when employing a new marketing tactic it’s ALWAYS difficult to 1) Get buy-in from top management and 2) Find the right tools/resources to get started.

Getting buy-in from leadership will always be dependent on revenue. How will this new marketing strategy impact the bottom line? The goal of any new marketing initiative will be to increase revenue. 

Here are some stats from a 2019 SiriusDecisions study to help prove the value in executing ABM:

Of the companies who responded, 58% were only in the “Pilot” stage of their ABM program’s maturity.

  • 99% of companies said engagement was higher for ABM accounts
  • 80% of companies said win rate was higher for ABM accounts
  • 73% of companies said their average deal size was higher in ABM accounts
  • 91% said ABM accounts had higher ROI than the control group

Now when it comes to finding the right tools and resources to get started, many marketers find conflicting options or are bombarded with too many options to know where to start. You can research, get references from former colleagues, demo products, and ultimately execute a trial and error approach. Or, you can start with a product that holds all the data and technology to power a successful ABM strategy, while letting you experiment with unlimited ABM lists. 

Versium was recently cited by marketing research firm Forrester as a key “early stage” account-based marketing (ABM) solution provider. A powerful B2B2C identity graph enables B2B marketers to create audiences (ABM, Lookalike, Online) and see list insights in one easy-to-use platform. 

The Versium REACH platform is streamlined and ideal for companies looking to get started with ABM. Simply upload a list of the domains for the companies you’d like to target. Then select filters based on the job title and rank of the targets and influencers you’d like to reach. Versium REACH will find contacts within the accounts you’ve uploaded and within the specific filters you’ve chosen. Next, export your new audience. Now you can run digital marketing campaigns to these target audiences, along with any other outreach initiatives your marketing and sales teams may be executing. This platform gives you full control over the accounts and buyers that you’re targeting and gives users the ability to experiment with unlimited list downloads. 

Getting started with Account-Based Marketing doesn’t have to be intimidating. Try Versium REACH for free now.

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