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Targeting like a Boss

Marketing is a lot like fishing — you carefully pick the right bait (your messaging), throw out your line (your marketing), and hope the fish can’t resist (your conversions). In the case of targeting your prospects with online campaigns, there are additional challenges. Sometimes you don’t know where the fish are hiding. Sometimes you don’t have the information you need to avoid throwing your line and wasting your bait on a half-empty sea. Sometimes you know where the fish are, but don’t know quite know how to reach them. It’s maddening!

What’s one of the tools to have in your marketing tackle box has a huge impact on whether you’ll even get a bite?

Match rates.

Why You Need High Match Rates

You need high match rates, because they translate directly into results. They mean your campaigns reach farther, realize more opportunities, and enjoy a higher return on your marketing investments. When your message reaches more of the right fish, more of them bite.

This infographic shows the compounding power of match rates. You match more business people with their consumer emails, which allows you to match more targets with your display ads, which allows you to reach more customers. That’s like double the matching mojo.

The reverse is true too. If you don’t match business emails to consumer emails, you get fewer matches in your display ads, and that means lost opportunities, lost sales, and lower ROI.

Marketing Fish Tales

Here’s a simple story about how match rates compound to help you catch more fish. You’re wanting to target B2B business people, and have a list of leads you’ve collected from your website contact form. You have their name, business name and business email. You upload that list to target ads on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Gmail, and… nothing. Or next to nothing. Very few of those business emails you’ve captured match on those platforms. If you run your campaign now, you’re wasting both money and opportunities.

And then it hits you. People don’t usually sign up on those platforms with their business emails! They use their personal email address. To get higher match rates and reach those customers, you need their personal email address, Facebook login email address, Gmail account email address, and any other consumer email address they may be using online. You go looking and find a place that can match your business emails to consumer emails. This is your first high match rate.

With all of that consumer information, you now have more information to match against, and for display ad targeting can make more and better matches. You upload that expanded list to targets ads, and your match rate there goes up too, compounding the goodness. It’s like fishing on a rainy day with just the right bait and then finding just in the right spot where the fish are biting.

Versium Can Help You Fish

Our ultimate mission here at Versium is to help you connect with more of your ideal customers, using the best of your and our data. Our match engine starts with more and better data — our LifeData database contains trillions of data points, most from our own proprietary data sources. We use AI and machine learning to improve our ability to make accurate matches, and then have cross checks and validation for the highest data quality. We can help you get your first match rate as high as possible, so you’ll get higher match rates down the line. And more fish.

If you’re interested in our Versium REACH append services, contact us at sales@versium.com. For more on how marketing is like fishing, check out our video.

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