Client Success Story

It’s not just about reaching more people, it’s about reaching more of the right people. Here’s how Versium helped this client extend their digital campaign reach.

Increase in online campaign reach

In addition to a huge boost in audience reach, the cost per sales was reduced by 75% and the number of emails and phone numbers used for matching increased by 80%.

The Challenge

Digital display ads on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google-powered sites are becoming more popular in targeting business decision makers. Many sites allow marketers to target their ads to a list of professionals. The challenge many marketers face, however, is the ability to match a high percentage of their target list to actual site visitors.

The client’s prospect list is sourced from various means including services that sell professionals lists. These lists are typically limited to business contact details, which yield low digital campaign match rates. For example, they were only able to target 10% of their list on one of the platforms for their digital campaign.

The Goal

Extend the reach for their digital campaign and generate more leads cost effectively.

What Versium Did

Mapped consumer attributes to the client’s original list of business decision makers using their LifeData® warehouse and proprietary matching technology.

Increased the volume of emails and phone numbers used for matching by 80%.

The additional data provided by Versium increased their match rates for each platform as follows: YouTube and Gmail from 10% to 42%, Facebook from 45% to 86%, and LinkedIn from 25% to 60%, greatly increasing their reach for the campaign.

The ROI Impact

Versium’s audience extension technology enabled the client to reduce their cost per sales approved leads by 75%.

Because of the significant increase in their reach, the client was able to generate more qualified leads faster and more cost effectively through their digital campaign.

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