Client Success Story

No matter how great your messaging is, it means nothing if it doesn’t reach the right people. Here’s how Versium solved T-Mobile’s marketing challenge.


Improvement in Marketing Efficiencies

T-Mobile improved marketing efficiencies by 350% by leveraging Versium’s Predictive Lead Score while gaining insights through LifeData®

The Challenge

As many enterprises face, T-Mobile has limited data characteristics on their customers. While they have access to contact information, usage and transactional information associated with each account, they have very little information on who their customers are, what would make them a “high value” customer.

T-Mobile wanted to improve the effectiveness of their direct response marketing campaigns with the goal of increasing high-value subscriber conversion within their small business customer segment.

The Goal

Focus on attracting high-value subscribers, minimize churn, and maximize revenue per subscriber—cost efficiently.

What Versium Did

Mapped consumer attributes to T-Mobile’s original list of customers using LifeData® and proprietary matching technology, returning 324 additional attributes of rich customer data including purchase interests, social behavior, demographic data, and much more.

Leveraging LifeData®, Versium determined which attributes correlated to “high value” subscribers based on T-Mobile’s existing 1-10 lead score.

Using machine learning, Versium created a model to generate a new score that predicted the propensity of a consumer to convert to a high-value subscriber.

Versium used this predictive model to score US households and small business
consumers in order to generate a highly targeted prospect list of consumers with a high lead score and likelihood to convert to a high-value subscriber.

The ROI Impact

Using an A/B test, the response rate from consumers in the list provided by Versium was 350% higher than the response rate from the other approaches.

Versium’s impactful Lead Score enabled T-Mobile to more effectively target the right prospects. Versium’s LifeData® also gave T-Mobile the ability to further segment their customer base and market to each segment with the proper targeted messaging.

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