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It’s for B2B marketers to identify, understand, and connect with more of their ideal target audience through digital marketing programs, including programmatic display, social, and mail channels. Learn more.

You can export your audiences from Versium REACH as .csv files, then upload them directly into your online advertising platforms such as Hubspot, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Ads, and other programmatic display platforms such as TradeDesk and LiveRamp.

Every audience you create with Versium REACH is made up of prospects who are likely to be interested in your product or service based on the types of inputs you provide. Whether you provide an existing list of converters or customers, provide a list of your target accounts, or manually input firmographics based on your target persona, our audiences are optimized for your online campaigns, to maximum reach and impressions of your online ads.

Versium REACH is like having an automated data scientist team analyzing your customer lists for relevant signals, and using them to figure out the best contacts to pull from the Versium LifeData® database. Using AI and machine learning, it creates the lists you need using the data or personas you already have.

Purchased lists tend to be broad and generally segmented, based on large, basic categories, so you may get a lot of names, but a low likelihood that those people are the type of people who buy from you.  Versium REACH audiences are customized and specifically segmented using your data and personas, so the business contacts you get are more likely to be interested in your offerings and more likely to convert.

You can try out the Versium REACH Basic plan completely free for 14 days. During that time, you have full access to create as many audiences and see list insight visualizations. Before your trial concludes, be sure to export and export your audiences to use for your campaigns.

You own the audiences you create in Versium REACH, so you can use the same audience across many advertising platforms. Audiences created within platforms are in a “black box” and can only be used on the platform where they were created.

You have several different ways to approach creating an audience in Versium REACH, maximizing your ability to target the right customers. Platform audiences are far more limited, based on the attributes each platform has access to and have chosen to surface for audience creation.

Audiences in Versium REACH are created from our LifeData – an extensive database incorporating attributes from multiple data sources. Advanced modeling and AI inform Versium REACH audience creation.

You may cancel your subscription at any time. Note that cancellation terms vary by agreement. Versium reserves the right to charge and collect an outstanding balance associated with the remainder of your contract term. For more details, contact your account manager or