Destress Your Data Mess

Diagnose, cleanse, and configure data with Data Prep in Versium REACH. Easily prepare your data for improved enrichment.

What is Data Prep?

Data Prep allows users to easily cleanse data at scale using a set of automated actions that allow for rapid data manipulation rather than costly manual processing.

The benefits of Data Prep


A cloud-based, no-code solution that's easier to use than Excel and is accessible via self-serve platform and configurable APIs.


Get valuable results quickly while avoiding rabbit holes of data cleansing and manipulation.


Efficiently processes high volumes of data whether you have one hundred rows or one million.


Receive data optimized for enrichment, with export files matching your desired destination.

Automate workflows you love

Access Data Prep via API for flexible builds of complex and customizable queries. Choose which actions to incorporate and format the outputs based on those actions.

When you create a Data Prep workflow, Versium REACH automatically creates an API query you can implement or send to a teammate.

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