How we help Marketing Agencies

We focus on the data, you focus on the Campaign.

Help your clients to be data driven marketers

  1. Make existing internal enterprise customer data more actionable
  2. Enable personalized messaging for marketing campaigns
  3. Improve targeting to increase marketing ROI

How you’ll do it

Deliver Versium’s suite of automated data technology tools that enable more effective sales, marketing, and customer success initiatives leveraging our proprietary LifeData®:

  • More accurate data and the elimination of data silos unlock the power of existing enterprise data.
  • Deeper insights extend segmentation and improve campaign personalization.
  • Advanced, automated AI tools drive much higher campaign performance.

Arm Your Clients

More Powerful Campaigns

Provide your clients with access to custom audiences and generate new highly targeted prospects lists in minutes – not days or weeks – and at a fraction of the cost than other solutions or hiring expensive data scientists.

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Rich Business and Consumer Audiences

Versium’s business and consumer audiences are optimized and enriched with tons of consumer contact info and behavior attributes, guaranteed to maximize the reach of your direct and online campaigns by up to 300%.

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Superior Data

Our wealth of business and consumer insights via LifeData® provides agencies a massive proprietary data warehouse for client access. Versium LifeData® is comprised of more than 9,600 aggregated and indexed data files, 8 billion email addresses, and 1 trillion business and consumer behavioral attributes.

Ignite Your Client’s Data

Versium works with its agency partners to deploy its proprietary platform, allowing them to deliver campaign management and deployment with improved results.

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