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More for them, more for you

Solve your clients’ top marketing challenges and offer more services to grow your business

  1. Make customer data more actionable and and enable more personalized campaigns
  2. Drastically improve targeting and increase marketing ROI
  3. Offer more services by tapping into our rich APIs for custom configurations

How you’ll do it

Arm your clients with a suite of powerful solutions that can be accessed through the Versium Customer Data Platform or through custom API deployment:

  • Data Hygiene and Consolidation: More accurate data and elimination of data silos unlock the power of existing enterprise data.
  • Data Enrichment: Deeper insights extend segmentation and improve campaign personalization.
  • Predictive Targeting: Advanced, automated AI tools drive much higher campaign performance.

Arm Your Clients

Custom Application Deployment

Consultants and System Integrators can access Versium’s rich API’s to implement custom configurations of Predict for Dynamics 365 or work with Versium to integrate API access to Versium LifeData® into other CRM, BI or enterprise applications.

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Superior Data

Our wealth of business and consumer insights via LifeData ® provides agencies a massive proprietary data warehouse for client access. Versium LifeData ® is comprised of more than 9,600 aggregated and indexed data files, 8 billion email addresses, and 1 trillion business and consumer behavioral attributes.

Ignite Your Client’s CDP

Professional Service firms work with Versium to deploy Customer Data Platforms or custom API implementation for their clients. This allows enterprises to harness the power of their existing data and unlock the value of Versium Life Data ® .

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