The Power of Versium
Packed into CRM Solutions

Turbocharge the CRM.

Versium takes our data cleaning, data enrichment, and predictive analytics solutions and builds them right into the CRM. The result: Higher conversion rates while working more efficiently, and spending less time and money on your sales and marketing efforts.

That’s the power of Predict.


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Leverage the Power of Data Science

Predict does all the heavy lifting to automatically add rich, contextual business and consumer LifeData® to each lead in the CRM, and creates predictive models to score leads – all customized to business goals.


What You Get With Predict

Insights in the CRM

Get a richer view of customers for more personalized engagements. Customer records are updated and validated automatically within the CRM.

Predictive Targeting

Predict automatically adds extensive LifeData® to each lead, creates predictive models, and scores your leads—all customized for your business goals.

The right leads, on demand

Generate new prospective customers likely to convert based on your predictive models. Then, focus your sales and marketing resources on those leads.

Better Return on Investment

Get higher conversion rates while working more efficiently, spending less time and money on your sales and marketing efforts.

Richer Customer Data

With LifeData® feeding directly into the CRM, you can enrich customer data to individual records or automatically in bulk.

Decision Makers, On Demand

Finding the right decision makers can be challenging. Predict finds them for you across multiple verticals with a click of a button.

Have a Look

Predictive Modeler


Predict does the heavy lifting to figure out which leads will convert.

Lead Generator


Generate lists of the right leads and
improve your ROI.

Insights Overview


Add rich insights to all of your customer data, record-by-record or in bulk.

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