Versium Announces Record Subscription Revenue Growth as Demand for Cookieless Advertising Solutions Rises

Versium reports tremendous momentum through Q3 2022, focusing on growing solutions and partnerships through the remainder of the year

Versium, a leading data technology company, today announced it has achieved record subscription revenue growth for its suite of marketing solutions built on its best-in-class identity resolution and insights engine. As marketers and advertisers rush to find cookieless solutions to reach their target audiences, Versium is uniquely positioned to accelerate growth across B2C and B2B marketing teams alike who are emphasizing first-party data. In Q3 2022, Versium achieved record total subscription revenue and a 40% YoY increase in its subscription customer base.

“As Google, Facebook and other tech companies are creating walled gardens for their data, marketers are having to decide between a higher advertising cost or centralizing and strengthening their own first-party data,” said Chris Matty, co-founder and chief revenue officer, Versium. “We have found most marketers are choosing to clean up their own data and enrich it so they aren’t dependent upon the Googles of the world to own their relationships with their customers. Hundreds of B2C and B2B brands are now using Versium to maximize their own data, so they can reach their customers anytime, anywhere.”

Channel has become a particular source of new relationships in 2022. Versium signed six new channel partner deals, including Datarade, Introhive and Convertiv, and completed integrations with TreasureData and Zapier, to drive new relationships and make its platform more accessible and convenient for its customers. So far this year, Versium has expanded its API capabilities and launched new open source modeling tools. In the months ahead, Versium will complement its B2B audience tools with B2B contact data and launch a new no-code toolset for analysts to manage common first-party data wrangling and enrichment tasks. All Versium tools are now available through a single subscription model, simplifying the sign-up process for new users and creating more value for current customers.

As a result of these product and business milestones, Versium has also been recognized by numerous industry organizations for its innovations in technology and insights. Versium was named a winner in the 2022 Sales and Marketing Technology Awards in the Insights and Analytics category, was named the Best Account Based Marketing Company in the 2022 Martech Breakthrough Awards and has been featured as a thought leader in Computerworld, Forbes and more.

“These recent achievements continue to solidify Versium as not only a leading data technology company, but as a thought leader in the identity resolution and data analytics industry,” said Dillana Lim, CEO, Versium. “This has been an incredible year for Versium, and we look forward to developing more solutions and innovations that continue to empower and serve our customers throughout the remainder of 2022 and beyond.”

Versium empowers businesses with the data tools and insights they need to win customers. Its proprietary identity graph and data technology platform help marketers better identify, understand and reach their ideal customer, every time.

About Versium

Versium is a data technology company that enables B2B and B2C marketers to better identify, understand and reach their ideal prospects across multiple digital touch points and marketing channels. Versium’s industry-leading identity resolution and insights engine powers a suite of solutions that help marketers greatly improve their reach by as much as 5X. Versium’s proprietary data assets include over 2 billion contact points and over 2 trillion insights attributes, creating the industry’s richest B2B2C identity graph and data technology platform that empowers marketers to win customers. For more information, please visit


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