Data Analytics Leader Versium Announces Versium REACH: B2B Marketers Can Now Own Their Digital Audiences and Reach Them Like Never Before

Versium REACH is an AI-based suite of tools for B2B marketers that enables them to identify, understand, and reach more of their ideal target audience through digital marketing programs

Redmond, WA (June 24, 2019)—Versium, a market-leading predictive analytics company, has just announced the general availability of Versium REACH, an easy to use product for B2B marketers that will allow them to build and own target audiences that they can use for omni-channel marketing campaigns. Versium REACH leverages a proprietary business to consumer identity-graph that Versium data scientists have built over nearly a decade. The ability to associate consumer targeting identifiers to business target lists, significantly expands the ability to reach these audiences through social and broader digital campaigns. With this improved targeting, marketers will maximize their marketing budgets and increase efficiency. To date, Versium has helped customers increase their online reach by as much as 520% and improve marketing conversion rates by 350% with this underlying technology.
In addition to building these ideal audiences, Versium REACH reveals insights about each audience with easy-to-understand data visualizations that provide an overview of the firmographics, demographics, preferred social channels, and other data that has been previously unavailable to B2B marketers. Marketers can then quickly understand their audience and personalize their content for their campaigns across channels.

“Versium REACH gives marketers, especially those at small to medium sized businesses, the tools to directly connect with their ideal customers,” says Versium CEO Dillana Lim. “As digital marketing campaigns get more expensive and customers demand a better experience, omni-channel marketing is a must for any marketer. Versium REACH gives this power to any B2B marketer.” 

Versium REACH features include: 

  • List Insights. Marketers can quickly understand their audiences with easy-to-read visualizations that give you a snapshot of firmographic and demographics and other key information to help guide content and campaigns.
  • Online Audiences. We enrich business identifiers to help marketers find their targets everywhere they are online.
  • Persona-based Audiences. Build an audience from scratch, starting with a persona of your ideal customer. 
  • Look-alike Audiences. Leverage AI to build an audience from an existing high-performing audience. 
  • Account-based Audiences. Find the decision-makers at target accounts  and include additional influencers.. 

Versium REACH is offered at plan levels for basic, professional and soon, agency-level. A free 14-day trial is being offered as part of the launch, allowing marketers to test functionality with their own data and see the benefits before purchasing.

“This launch is just the beginning of Versium REACH,” says John Young, Principal Product Manager. “We’re rolling out many capabilities and integrations in the coming months that we’re very excited about. We think this is a game changer for the SMB B2B marketer.” 

Versium has been recognized as an industry leader and disruptor in trend reports by Forrester and Gartner. The company was recognized by the Puget Sound Business Journal as the 3rd Fastest Growing Eastside Private Company and by Insights Success as one of the 10 Best Performing Big Data Solution Providers of 2018. Most recently, they were named one of the best Tech Startups in Redmond for 2019.

About Versium

Versium is a data technology company that operates a powerful B2B2C identity graph and automated predictive analytics engine. Its self-serve demand generation and powerful visualization tools help B2B marketers greatly improve their effectiveness. Versium has spent nearly a decade building its database of over 5.9 million North American companies, 33 million people, over 1 trillion demographic attributes, and more than 1,000 industries. The result is the richest B2B2C identity graph that enables B2B marketers to identify, understand and reach their most ideal prospects.

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