Account-based Marketing

Build Audiences Based on Target Accounts

Maximize your reach to your target accounts. Upload a list of company domains or business email addresses for the organizations most likely to be interested in your products or services. Versium REACH will identify the decision makers and other influencing employees at those businesses, and help you to reach them with your marketing campaigns.

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Build Digital Audiences of Ideal
Account-based Marketing Prospects

Account-based marketing should be a top priority for B2B marketers. Investments in ABM are increasing each year so your tools need to support and amplify your intended ABM results. That’s why we built Versium REACH. It identifies the decision-makers and other influencing employees at your target accounts in ways that other advertising platforms can’t, enabling you to reach them everywhere they are online with omni-channel ABM campaigns.

Versium's Account-based marketing tool

Flip the Funnel &
Target High Value Prospects

Narrow in on your highest value prospect accounts. With Versium REACH, simply upload domains of your target accounts and we'll produce a list of influencers within your chosen businesses. Use REACH to create an Online Audience from your ABM list and layer on additional contact points with the highest chance of success for reaching your prospects with online marketing campaigns.

Versium REACH - Account Based Marketing Funnel

*Metrics are based on an average of several controlled match rate tests. Results may vary based on the quality, quantity, and format of input data.

Versium's Got The Data For Effective ABM

More accurate data means higher match rates when targeting your audiences online. Retargeting is a great way to repeatedly engage a specific account as employees from that account consume online content. Other ABM solutions only allow you to get as far as the workplace when it comes to retargeting decision-makers showing intent for your products and services. Versium REACH goes beyond the IP-address based targeting method, and allows you to extend your marketing messages to decision makers and other employees everywhere they are online.

Doing this on places like Facebook, LinkedIn, and other websites via programmatic display can be challenging when all you have is business contact data. Versium REACH takes care of that problem and finds all of your business prospects everywhere, increasing your online match rates by as much as 520%.

ABM Versium REACH Step 1

Step 1

Choose the desired company filter requirements for your audience:

  • Industries (search by keyword or SCI code) 
  • Employee count range
  • Company revenue range

Step 2

Additionally filter by: 

  • Title Seniority
  • Department
  • Role
ABM Versium REACH Step 2
ABM Versium REACH Step 3

Step 3

Select the location filters relevant to the target accounts you wish to include in your audience. 

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