Persona-based Audience Builder

Create Targeted B2B Online Audiences Based on the Persona-based Attributes You Choose

Using the firmographics of your ideal B2B customers (company location, size, revenue, industry, etc.) Versium REACH will build an audience that most closely matches your specifications, allowing you to reach those customers most likely to need your products or services.

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Omni-channel Persona-based Marketing with Versium REACH

Marketers haven't been able to use high-performing audiences across several channels due to black-box advertising platforms. Now, with Versium REACH, create unlimited persona-based audiences and use them across all digital marketing channels for a true omni-channel marketing approach.

Simple, yet super-intelligent audience building begins with Versium REACH

Direct integrations and specifically formatted output files work with the most widely used advertising platforms to make building custom online audiences easier than ever. No more time-consuming file editing needed!

REACH-integrations | Google Ads - Facebook Ads, HubSpot

More Contact Points to Boost Campaign Performance

Not all data is created equal. Your prospects don't use the same email address, phone number, home address, etc. across all online platforms. Versium REACH online audience append enables businesses to add the contact points with the highest chance of success for reaching your prospects with online marketing campaigns.

Do you have a great list of targets but are having a hard time reaching them online?

Versium REACH B2C appends up to five email addresses and five phone numbers to each record in your list to significantly increase your match rates for online digital marketing campaigns.

Step-1-output requirements

Step 1

Choose the desired output requirements for your list:

  • Full Name
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Postal Address

Step 2

Specify the location of the individuals you want to be in your list. You can filter based on Zip Code or City.


Step 3

Select the demographic filters that most closely match your ideal customer profile.

Step 4

Choose the estimated household income and estimated net worth of the targets you’d like to be included in your list.


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