Improve Contact Rates with Advanced Identity Resolution

Create a target audience for your sales and marketing teams by appending consumer contact data to your list of customers or prospects; including email addresses, phone numbers, and postal addresses.

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Reach your customers and prospects and get rich insights about your list

Enrich your customer or prospect data for a full view of their contact information. Additional emails, phone numbers, and postal addresses will be appended to your list for improved customer contact rates, and you'll always get a detailed insights report about every list you upload.


Email marketing for the win

From lead generation to customer loyalty, email marketing is still the key channel of communication for businesses. Versium REACH B2C appends up to five email addresses to each record in your list to significantly increase the reach of your email efforts. Whether trying to gain a new customer or reach a current one, valid email addresses are key.

Get your contacts on the phone

Sales teams needs accurate phone numbers to reach their prospects and leads. Versium REACH B2C adds up to five mobile or home phone numbers to your list to improve the contact rates of your direct sales outreach.

Mail Box

Direct mail lives on

Versium REACH B2C appends postal addresses to your contact lists for direct mail campaigns. The average direct mail response rate was 4.9% in 2020, and direct mail campaigns have 5-9x higher response rates than any other advertising channel. Establish true omnichannel campaigns by reaching your most ideal targets with direct mail.

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