Curate Marketing Content Based on Data, Not Intuition

Understand who you’re targeting. See a snapshot of your customer or lead lists, with easy-to-read visuals that highlight key demographic data such as gender, age, and household income.

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Unlimited + Shareable Insight Reports

View data visualization insight reports on any list you upload or build with Versium REACH.

Visualize demographic details about your lists with ease. Every list uploaded into Versium REACH or built within the platform, will automatically create a list insights report. Versium REACH also makes it simple to share your insight reports. Simply download as a .PDF, .PNG, or instantly send via email or shareable link.

Actionable Data Visualizations of your Customer or Lead Lists

It’s not a new marketing revelation that content should be customized based on which audiences marketers are targeting. But, it hasn’t always been simple to determine exactly who is in those marketing lists. With Versium REACH’s list insights feature, marketers can visualize all of the data within their lists to make more informed, data-driven decisions during the content creation process.

With Versium REACH list insights, marketers have the ability to uncover the makeup of any list. So now, if a marketer discovers their list is full of Baby Boomer, single, college educated males in California – they can create specific content that will resonate with that group of individuals.

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