Skip Tracing with Versium REACH

Easy-To-Use Online Tools For Appending Accurate Contact Data

Append consumer contact data, such as email addresses, phone and mobile numbers, postal addresses, household financial data, and demographic data to your customer lists with the highest match rates in the industry.

Add Emails, Phone + Mobile Numbers, Postal Addresses and More To Contact Lists

Skip tracing tools allow companies to collect all contact information associated with an individual in one data record for a 360-degree view of the person of interest. Instead of sending mail to an old address or making phone calls to an old number, skip tracing tools can accumulate all contact information associated with an individual so that outreach efforts can be optimized. 

skip tracing

*Metrics are based on an average of several controlled match rate tests. Results may vary based on the quality, quantity, and format of input data.

Want to reach your leads with digital ads online?

Versium REACH B2C Online Audience Append adds up to five email addresses and five phone numbers to each record in your list to significantly increase your match rates when uploading lead lists to digital advertising platforms such as Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and display advertising platforms.

How To Use Versium REACH Contact Append for Skip Tracing

Step 1

Upload your file into Versium REACH. Most lists used within Versium REACH contain full name and complete address as inputs and users are looking to append phone numbers and/or emails. The more contact input information you can provide the better, but at a minimum your list should include any of these following combinations of input:
  • Email Address
  • Phone
  • Postal Address, City, State, ZIP
  • First Name, Last Name, City, State
  • First Name, Last Name, ZIP

Step 2

Versium REACH sources from Versium’s robust identity graph and uses matching technology to append contact information to your file.
real estate contact append step 2

Step 3

Contact your leads and enjoy higher contact rates!

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