Versium REACH

Find your B2B targets everywhere they are online

Amplify Your Marketing Metrics
Increased Click-Through Rates
Decreased COST
How It Works

Versium REACH enables your advertising messages to appear in more of the places your potential business prospects are online by enhancing your existing data. Our enhanced lists enable social networks, online audience onboarders and DMPs a better chance of finding your targets to amplify your marketing.

1 Provide your list of contacts that you are trying to reach
2 We enrich your list with additional contact information to instantly generate more complete prospect profiles
3 Load your enhanced list into your online display or social campaigns for improved campaign results

Why Versium REACH? We Have LifeData®

We Have the Most Actionable Data

Versium LifeData is the highest quality, most accurate data available in the industry. Our aggregated and indexed data files contain over 1 trillion business and consumer attributes. That means LifeData makes your data extremely powerful.

We Have the Freshest Data

Nearly 40 million new contact records are added to the LifeData warehouse each month. This means highly accurate contact details to power our identity validation solutions so that your outreach is maximized.

We Have the Smartest Data

Operating the largest B2B+B2C people based identity graph, our proprietary identity matching engine allows for the most accurate combination of our LifeData with enterprise data to improve your REACH.

Data Drives Powerful Online Marketing

  • Insight into your ideal B2B prospects
  • Extend the reach of display & social campaigns
  • Improve your data for account-based marketing (ABM)
  • Enable true cross-device & omni-channel marketing

Reach prospects everywhere they are online

Reduce Cost Per Acquisition

Enable Cross-Device Marketing

Power Account-Based Marketing

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