Software Development Engineer – Data

This position will work closely with Engineering and Product team members and be responsible for the full life cycle of back-end development of the data warehouse, including development of ETL processes...

Software Development Engineer – Data

Are you thrilled about big data and open source technologies? Do you live and breathe star schemas and ETL? We are looking for a smart and driven individual to join our team as a Software Development Engineer – Data. This position will work closely with Engineering and Product team members and be responsible for the full life cycle of back-end development of the data warehouse, including development of ETL processes, dimensional design of the table structure for performance and database administration. The ideal candidate will be a hands-on expert with strong analytical background and proven quantitative skills to help improve business process and initiatives. You are obsessive with data quality and ensure that data pipelines are perfectly tested and monitored. You’re continually driving to evolve data models and data flows to help bridge the gap between technology and analysis.


  • Analyze functional requirements and translate them into data flows and ETL mapping documents.
  • Design and develop ETL procedures and tools.
  • Review of reporting requirements and mapping to analytic structures.
  • Define and promote design principles and best practices for data warehousing architecture and techniques.
  • Design and support the database and table schemas for new and evolving sources of data being brought into the data warehouse.
  • Process regular data builds and extractions.
  • Monitor and troubleshoot performance issues on the data warehouse servers.
  • Establish documentation of reports and data definitions.
  • Ensuring best practices that can be adopted in big data stack and share across teams.
  • Working closely with other teams and disciplines to come up with simple, elegant solutions that balance everyone’s needs.


  • Strong shell scripting experience (Bash, Perl, awk, shell/GNU text processing shell utilities).
  • Fundamental systems knowledge of Linux/FreeBSD including disk and CPU monitoring/performance.
  • Lightweight PHP; C/C++ or Java a bonus.
  • Strong ETL, text processing, text mapping, translation and mapping, reformatting at scale.
  • Solid understanding of geographical boundaries.
  • AdTech/MarTech experience a plus.
  • Must be comfortable working with large files and parallelism. (billions of records)
  • (My)SQL.
  • Strong regular expressions.
  • Solid ability to write understandable, maintainable, and reusable code.
  • Fantastic skills automating processes via scripts/lightweight coding; understanding of Cron.
  • Web crawl/extraction experience a plus.
  • Strong organizational skills and ability to complete responsibilities effectively and efficiently with minimal direction.
  • Strong communication, analytical, and problem-solving skills to fully support the development process, and ensure that deliverables are met according to specifications and within established timelines.
  • Positive attitude and openness to change and feedback.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science preferred, or equivalent experience.

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