Data-Driven Means Smarter Marketing

Create a truly data-driven, highly targeted, and personalized experience for your clients’ campaigns, driving superior results.

Set your agency apart with AI.

At Versium, we do the heavy lifting of solving your clients’ data problems by deploying advanced AI predictive analytics solutions, so you can focus on client strategy and implementation. The end result is a highly data-driven marketing process that deliver 2x to 3x improvement in your marketing ROI.


How you’ll transform your marketing.

It starts with LifeData®. This means the ability to associate over 1 trillion business and consumer data attributes that deliver much richer insights and more accurate predictive models when combined with enterprise data. By leveraging our proprietary LifeData®, you can deliver Versium’s suite of automated data technology tools that ultimately enable more effective marketing, sales and customer success initiatives.


Our Valued Clients

Arm your clients

your clients, data-driven

With Versium, you get to solve your clients’ data problems. Versium has automated tools to validate identities and fix contact details so that they can fully tap into the value contained in their data to drive effective marketing. Look at you, hero.

data intelligence, unlocked

Use Versium to extract intelligence locked up in your clients’ data. Our powerful data quality, segmentation, and predictive targeting solutions enable you to deliver campaigns with unprecedented results that will have you clients coming back again and again.

your clients' reach, maximized

Versium’s business and consumer audiences are optimized and enriched with tons of consumer contact info and behavior attributes, guaranteed to maximize the reach of direct and online campaigns by up to 300%.

superior data, accessed

Our wealth of business and consumer insights via LifeData® provides agencies a massive proprietary data warehouse for client access. Versium LifeData® is comprised of more than 9,600 aggregated and indexed data files, 8 billion email addresses, and 1 trillion business and consumer behavioral attributes.

The LifeData® Advantage

maximize your reach

We add nearly 40 million new contact records to the LifeData®  warehouse each month. This means highly accurate contact details to power our identity validation solutions so that your outreach is maximized.


Our LifeData® warehouse contains over 1 trillion business and consumer attributes that are refreshed on an ongoing basis. This provides new, detailed insights necessary to understand clients’ customers and develop more relevant personalized messaging.

boost conversion rate

Our modeling engine uses up to 20,000 additional attributes that are used to enhance existing enterprise data. We leverage our unique AI to create predictive models that allow you focus your time, resources, and money on the prospects most likely to buy.

See how it works.

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