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Better data equals unparalleled results. Be forward-thinking, and focus on laying the good groundwork now that will pay off in the future.

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Versium enables brands to execute the most cost efficient marketing campaigns possible, leveraging advanced computing technologies and AI to target only the best prospects.

  • "Microsoft is committed to bringing innovation to the CRM market. Versium Predict is a premier solution that fully automates predictive lead scoring and prospect list generation leveraging vast volumes of both business and consumer data."

    - JUJHAR SINGH, Former Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Dynamics CRM
    - JUJHAR SINGH, Former Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • "Yes, we eat our own dog food! Versium's Audience Extension service was extremely easy to use on our own and nearly tripled our match rate for an online B2B campaign."

    - HEATHER GONIO, Senior Marketing Manager, Versium
    - HEATHER GONIO, Senior Marketing Manager, Versium
  • “WOW. We used Versium’s Audience Extension service and experienced a 510% increase in landing page conversion rate over past efforts in display advertising. Our conversion rate was 2.38%, compared to Google’s 0.77% benchmark for display. Versium is changing the game for data-driven marketing.”

    - Director of Digital Marketing, Major Saas Platform Provider
    - Director of Digital Marketing, Major Saas Platform Provider

How You’ll Transform your marketing.

We know data can be overwhelming. Versium’s suite of automated data technology tools clean, enrich, and analyze your customer data so you can focus on creative and messaging. The result: A complete “9-9” view of your customers, unlocking enhanced customer segments for improved personalization of your campaigns — faster and at a fraction of the cost of hiring expensive data scientists.

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Your Data Problems, Solved

all that data, put to actual use

Sitting on overwhelming amounts of unconsolidated, outdated, and unformatted data? Versium has automated tools to validate identities and fix contact details so that you can fully tap into the value contained in your data to drive effective marketing.

your customers, understood

We have the unique ability to add trillions of business and consumer attributes to your data, fully realizing who your customers are and what they want and need. Our technologies find patterns that may indicate new and unique segments — taking personalization to a whole new level.

your messaging, truly personalized

Improve segmentation and expand insight to drive more optimized personalization. Ensure messaging resonates to enhance and improve the customer journey.

your roi, boosted

Focus your campaigns on prospects that are more likely to convert. Use our automated AI solutions to drive considerable increase in conversion rates and greatly improve conversions by up to 350%.

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