Versium’s robust APIs enable real-time access to Lifedata®

The highest quality, most accurate data available across the industry.

Bad Data Gets Expensive.

Bad data in a typical CRM, marketing application, or e-commerce platform leads to:

  • 40% Bad Leads
  • 54% Loss in Revenue
  • 67% Decrease in Customer Satisfaction
  • 72% Extra Marketing and IT Costs
  • 50% Inaccurate Information from Respondents

Don’t be one of the 90% of organizations who report errors in their data—the silent killer of marketing and sales ROI. Implement a real-time, quality data initiative that can lead to a significant increase in marketing efficiencies, 2x-3x improvement in marketing ROI, 20-40% increase in sales and a 40-50% reduction in a company’s IT budget.


Versium APIs

Real-time access to LifeData, the most accurate, high quality, and consumer data in the industry.


  • Basic contact info on business people
  • Rich insights on business people


  • Score users on how valid contact info is
  • Basic contact info on consumers
  • Rich insights on consumers

Reverse Look-Up

  • Contact data associated with an email
  • Contact data associated with a phone number

Smarter Apps for Them. More Business for You.

Versium’s APIs provide additional value for CRM systems, marketing applications, and e-commerce platforms.

Drive More Business

Drive more business by building custom configured solutions that help CRMs and other solutions become more data-driven.

Create ongoing revenue

Create ongoing revenue streams beyond initial sales. Versium shares the revenues generated through platform access fees.

Personalize messaging

Personalize messaging and drive more transactions by improving the quality of data obtained in e-commerce interactions.

Our solutions have increased marketing efficiencies by up to 350%.

Get real-time access to those solutions.

See how it works.

Find out how our APIs can be a game changer for your business.