Chris Matty

Founder & Chief Revenue Officer

Chris Matty lives and breathes technology innovation. From consulting for a number of innovative technology companies, to being involved in several early-stage technology ventures, his success spans enterprises in the Internet, mobile, and SaaS spaces. Evolving from co-founder through several executive marketing and sales roles at Infospace, he’s had the privilege of contributing to ground-breaking technologies, which include pioneering wireless data solutions, helping define the internet business models common in the industry today, and helping close the multi-billion dollar merger with Go2Net.

Being responsible for business development and sales at several successful companies over the years, Chris also knows a thing or two about the challenges and strategies of marketing and sales. Combining that in-depth marketing knowledge with his love of bringing new technologies to life, he co-founded Versium to address some of the biggest pain points in marketing and sales — figuring out who is likely to buy, and who will never buy, so you can spend your sales or marketing budget wisely.