Mark Prentice

VP of Engineering

Mark brings 25 years of proven leadership in building a wide variety of customer-focused software solutions spanning diverse types of platforms from embedded to cloud. With experience in large to small corporations, he has broad technical capabilities and an understanding of how to manage resources and achieve defined goals while ensuring customer and business needs are met.

Mark’s previous experience focused on enabling developers to create great desktop, device, and cloud products. He was deeply involved with bringing C# to devices with the .NET Compact Framework as well as working with a startup team within MS to create an early prototype of Azure Device Hub. He has managed large software products with thousands of participants, including coordinating the release of .NET Framework from the start of planning through to release. He also spent time in the auto industry working on head unit application frameworks for both Ford and Toyota.

When Mark is not at work, he is coaching girl’s lacrosse with his daughter, skiing with his family, or racing sailboats on Lake Washington and Puget Sound.