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Marketers are expected to be just as analytical as they are creative. Brush up on some terms that every tech-savvy marketer should know.

Predictive modeling analyzes the characteristics of business or consumer leads to find what characteristics (or signals) correlate with desired behaviors (such as purchasing your product), and then creates and tests a statistical model to assess the probability of future behaviors and outcomes. The model is then used to predict,
Business-to-Consumer (B2C) marketing is the marketing of products and services to individual customers or end users.
Online targeting means choosing the type of person you want to market to through online digital channels, crafting your messaging to appeal to that type of person, and then getting that messaging out to those types of people in places where
With social media marketing, you use social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) to promote a product or service. Social media marketing
Search engine optimization is a way of increasing a website’s organic visibility on search engine results pages by using keywords, quality content
Search engine marketing (SEM) is a type of online marketing where you bid on keywords related to your business to increase your website’s visibility
Software as a Service (SaaS) is online software where you can access software functionality on a website, usually through a subscription model. 
Marketers are always looking to expand their reach. It’s the number of potential customers might see your marketing messaging. The more people who see you, the more that might be interested in your product or services.
In omni-channel marketing, you use knowledge of your customer’s interests to provide personalized, targeted messaging across all channels and devices, with an awareness of what the customer cares about
An online audience is one you reach through online avenues besides direct email. As people use websites on the Internet, they leave a trail, and an online audience
Programmatic Display Ads provide an automated way of buying (often through real-time bidding (RTB)
A predictive score shows the probability any given individual will take a specific action. What that action is can vary: you can create a predictive score to show how likely someone is to transact, to commit fraud, to donate to a cause, to cancel membership
Predictive Analytics is the process of analyzing current and historical customer behavior (for example, which customers bought and didn’t buy your latest product) and then predicting customer behavior in the future
Persona list-gen is shorthand for persona list generation, and means generating a marketing list from a persona. See Persona-based Marketing.
Persona-based marketing is based on the premise that the more you know about your customer, the easier it will be to reach them. A persona is a composite sketch
In multi-channel marketing, you make sure customers are seeing consistent messaging and can make a purchase on multiple marketing channels. The channel is at the center of this strategy.
Marketing automation means technologies or services that automate marketing tasks, such as sending your marketing message out on multiple channels, or an email nurture campaign that sends messages
The total of potential customers for your product or services. Your audience consists of the businesses or people you are marketing to. There are many types of marketing audiences, including
Marketing analytics is how you analyze the success of your marketing analytics, by tracking metrics such as click-through-rate (CTR) or return on investment (ROI)
Machine learning is a form of AI (artificial intelligence), where a system is programmed to automatically learn and improve as it works. In the case of marketing
A look-alike audience is people who look like your best customers. To create a look-alike audience, you start with an existing list or audience of high performing customers. Then you use Versium REACH to analyze it to find as many
Marketing that takes place on LinkedIn, including LinkedIn pages, posts, and ads. Once just a resume repository and career hunting website, it’s now a business content platform
An Identity Graph is an online database of crucial data about your potential customers – it consists of customer profiles and all the known identifiers that are tied to those individual consumers. Typically, B2B data focuses on business identifiers, while B2C
Marketing that takes place on Facebook, including Facebook pages, posts, and ads. With more than 2 billion active monthly
An email marketing list is just what it sounds like—a list of email addresses that you use for an email marketing campaign. As a marketer or sales professional, you know umpteen places
A demand-side platform or DSP, is a system that maintains an inventory of digital advertising opportunities, and gives you the ability to manage several ad exchange accounts
Data science incorporates all of the science around analyzing, segmenting, and modeling data, among other things. In marketing, it provides a way to get actionable insights from your data, and those actionable insights help you succeed as a marketer. Figure out how your customers segment and cluster, as well as how to target
A data management platform or DMP, collects data from any number of data sources, sorts and stores that data, and then provides multiple ways for marketers
Data Hygiene is the process of cleaning up a data set. The process removes duplicates, corrects misspellings, makes sure the data follows standard formatting rules
Data as a Service (DaaS) is an online service where you can access data on-demand
Customer or consumer identity is a way of tracking the same customer everywhere they move—the websites they visit, the devices they use, what they purchase
The proportion of people who see your messaging (on any platform), and who take the action the messaging is suggesting, such as purchasing something, subscribing
As people browse websites on the internet, many websites capture browsing activity and customer preferences in small files, called “cookies.” These cookies
Business to Business to Consumer marketing. This refers to businesses marketing to businesses who interact with consumers. It’s a hybrid or iteration of B2C:
Business-to-Business (B2B) marketing refers to businesses who market products and services to other businesses rather than to end consumers. 
Artificial intelligence, or AI, refers to computer software and hardware that analyzes, learns, and adapts in much the same way that people do, but with the ability to tackle much larger and more complex questions.
A marketing strategy that focuses on one particular organization as its market. This highly-tactical strategy would create content specifically for target

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