Multi-channel Marketing

In multi-channel marketing, you make sure customers are seeing consistent messaging and can make a purchase on multiple marketing channels. The channel is at the center of this strategy. These channels can be direct (like email or direct mail) or indirect (like website, social media, or retail store ads). The emphasis is on creating a consistent experience across channels and making sure customers can purchase wherever they are when they decide to purchase. Read more about the difference between multi-channel marketing and omni-channel on our blog.

An ETL Pipeline refers to the process in computing where data is extracted (E), transformed (T), and loaded (L) into an output data container.
A Data Mesh is a decentralized data architecture that groups data by a certain business domain (i.e., marketing, sales, customer service, etc.).
A Data Warehouse is a type of data management system that centralizes and consolidates large amounts of data from many different sources.

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