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Persona-based Marketing

Tech Glossary

Persona-based marketing is based on the premise that the more you know about your customer, the easier it will be to reach them. A persona is a composite sketch of who your ideal customer might be. Persona-based marketing is a strategy that is increasingly popular with B2B marketers as they seek to understand their best customers. Creating these personas guides the content that you create and where you will serve it to prospective customers. You might create a customer persona you’ll call Jan, a middle-aged woman who spends time on Facebook, has children aged 10-14 and is a runner. Now marketing can create Facebook ads, blog posts and other content that will resonate with this persona. Detailed personas make marketers more efficient with their time and their budget, allowing them to send tailored content to the right people in the right channels.

Versium REACH is ideal for persona-based marketers as it can provide insights about targeted customers and build the correct audiences based on those personas. Then marketers can use those audiences again and again on multiple platforms, for true omni-channel marketing.

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