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B2B2C Identity Graphing – Looking Beyond Cookies & COVID

Learn how B2B2C identity graphing technology offers an innovative solution to mitigate audience-reach challenges facing marketers in the face of a pandemic and an advertising industry moving away from cookies.
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B2B2C identity graphing

About this Webinar

With the onset of COVID-19, more and more people switched to work-from-home situations—nearly overnight. That change in behavior essentially eliminated IP mapping and geo-fencing as practical ways to direct messages to target audiences. That is not likely to change. Research suggests one major aspect of the “new normal” will be a continued enterprise reliance on permissive work-from-home policies. Especially with the looming disappearance of cookies in the adtech world. Businesses that have adapted to teleworkers have also implemented new tools and processes that promote greater remote-worker productivity. The upside? There’s an effective solution for the audience-reach challenges facing marketers today: B2B2C identity graphing.

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