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Enabling marketers to identify, understand and reach their ideal prospects.

Versium is a data technology company...

that operates an industry leading identity resolution and insights engine which powers a suite of data technology solutions that help B2B and B2C marketers greatly improve their effectiveness. Versium has spent 8+ years building data assets which includes over 2 billion contact points across 20 million North American companies and 270 million consumer households. The company’s insight solution incorporates over 1 trillion insights attributes. The result is the industry’s richest data technology platform that enables B2B and B2C marketers to better identify, understand and reach their most ideal prospects across multiple digital touch points.

Inspired by a poorly-targeted direct email campaign...

Versium’s founders made it their mission to apply the power of data science and analytics to the abundance of data that marketing agencies and enterprises have to deal with today to improve their marketing ROI.

Combining their in-depth marketing knowledge with their love of bringing new technologies to life, they founded Versium to address some of the biggest pain points in marketing and sales — figuring out who is likely to buy, and who will never buy, so sales or marketing budgets can be spent wisely.

Our Products & Services

Versium REACH

A tool for marketers, Versium REACH lets you build and own target audiences, append data, and generate lists to use across multiple platforms. Identify, understand, and reach the ideal prospects wherever they are online. Make the most of your marketing budgets by reaching the right people, with the right content through true omni-channel marketing.


Our legacy product, Datafinder, is a suite of self-serve data tools. Users have the ability to bulk append business and consumer data, validate and cleanse their customer files, score leads, build predictive prospective lists, write to our APIs, quickly and easily online. This platform is free to sign up with over 15,000 registered users.

Custom Solutions

Our solutions don’t just stop at self-service platforms. For years, we have built direct relationships and partnerships with companies and agencies such as T-Mobile, Microsoft, and KBMG to improve their data, build custom integrations, and help improve the results of their own marketing campaigns and their clients’ initiatives.

Versium Predict

Versium takes our data cleaning, data enrichment, and predictive analytics solutions and builds them right into the CRM. The result: Higher conversion rates while working more efficiently, and spending less time and money on your sales and marketing efforts.

Developer APIs

Versium’s powerful APIs allows real-time access to our identity graph, the highest quality and most accurate business and consumer data in the industry. Plug your marketing applications, services, and platforms into our APIs to offer data-driven solutions to your customers.

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Meet Versium

Versium’s team made up of modern-day Einsteins; data scientists, developers, marketers, and all-around superstars make our squad one-of-a-kind. Interested in becoming a part of Versium? We’re always on the lookout to add bright, curious, and determined members to our team!







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