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Unlimited B2B Audience Creation

Stop buying lists and start building & owning your B2B marketing audiences.

There is power in testing and iterating on every aspect of marketing campaigns – especially audiences. Versium REACH gives B2B agencies the opportunity to finally create, test, and optimize B2B target audiences for marketing campaigns, all in one tool. Versium’s powerful B2B2C identity graph enables B2B agencies to create audiences based on firmographics yet reach these audiences in social platforms based on their non-professional data. The coolest part? As a B2B agency, you OWN your audiences, so you can use your highest-performing audiences across all advertising platforms for a true omni-channel marketing approach.

Unlimited B2B Audience Creation


*Metrics are based on an average of several controlled match rate tests. Results may vary based on the quality, quantity, and format of input data.

It’s Not Magic, it’s B2B2C Data Layering

In general, people don’t use business email addresses on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Because of that, when targeting a custom list of B2B targets, marketers are experiencing match rates as low as 10%. With Versium REACH, you can increase your match rates by as much as 520%.

The need to reach B2B audiences across social media & display platforms becomes increasingly important for B2B agencies. The cost of purchasing B2B lists adds up – quick! Versium REACH gives B2B agencies the luxury of creating unlimited B2B audiences to test, optimize and use across ALL advertising platforms.

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Enable True Omni-Channel Marketing for Your Clients

With Versium REACH, B2B agencies can own the audiences they create for their clients, enabling true omni-channel targeting. Use the same, high-performing audience across multiple advertising platforms and finally reach ideal customers everywhere they are online.

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