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An easy-to-use suite of data tools powered by the industry's leading B2B2C identity graph

The Modern Approach For
Audience Building + Targeting


Build highly targeted lists of B2B or B2C targets aligned with your desired persona, target accounts, or lookalikes interested in your products and services with more sophisticated signals than social and display platforms can provide.


Get powerful firmographic and demographic audience insights instantly, to help you personalize your messaging and provide a unique experience for each of your segments.


Reach your targets everywhere they are online, marketing to them outside of their normal work routine, through new marketing channels, and with appended contact information.

Our end-to-end targeting platform for marketers.

Are You Really Doing Omni-channel Marketing?

With millions of business contacts and companies and trillions of consumer insight attributes, our powerful B2B2C identity graph fuels our self-serve tools for generating the right digital audiences, on-demand. The result: You don’t miss a target.

Solving Challenges Faced by Today's Marketers


Reaching niche B2B or B2C targets online with paid social and display ads can be difficult and cumbersome when you're working with limited data and targeting capabilities within ad platforms. Spend your budgets confidently - effectively marketing to your most ideal prospects.


Marketers need to achieve numerous interactions per prospect to convert leads. To do this, marketing messages need to be visible across as many ad platforms and marketing channels as possible. Versium REACH makes it easy to access our data through the richest B2B2C identity graph in the industry, so that executing omni-channel marketing becomes a breeze.

Versium REACH - Account Based Marketing


You can't build a true, account-based audience with social media plaforms. With our solutions, you have robust control to reach the influencers and decision makers across the organizations you want where they hang out online.

We Work with Marketers. A Lot.

Versium was built for all types of marketers, from small businesses to multi-faceted agencies. We work with marketers who have big goals but modest budgets as well as full marketing teams that are looking to amplify their martech stack with the newest, innovative products. Let us act as your personal data scientists, so you can focus on what you do best: marketing.‍


Socially Responsible Employee Benefits Company Launches ABM Strategy With Versium REACH

HR SaaS Company Uses Versium REACH to Reduce Cost to Demo by 43%

SaaS Company Uses Versium REACH to Increase Match Rates by 320%

Proven results across multiple industries. See how our AI-powered audience creation tool can supercharge your marketing campaigns.

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