The Secret to Non-Intrusive Marketing

Customers know they're being marketed to. And they don't like it...

Customers know they’re being marketed to. And they don’t like it.

Collin Dayley’s article on the importance of B2C data in B2B marketing points to the secret art of non-intrusive marketing: personalization. It’s the difference between targeting a customer and connecting with them. You’ve got to personalize your messaging and creative, and to do that, you need the customer insights you get when you layer on B2C insights for your B2B contacts.

Modern day targeting strategy must be natural and non-intrusive. And achieving that requires data-led insight and context.

Collin Daley

The truth is, people buy for emotional and philosophical reasons, and it doesn’t change when they go to work. The way they buy in their lives as a consumer maps to how they make their business buying decisions as well. That means knowing what motivates them as a consumer can help you in selling to them at work.

The way to be non-intrusive is to connect with your customers where they are, so your customers feel cared-for, not targeted. Yes, it’s about having the data, but using that data is an art — one that requires you to infuse what they care about into your message. When you get it right, your marketing speaks to them, engenders trust, and creates a connection that results in more and more loyal customers.

Read more about this here: Are B2B Marketers Leaving Money on the Table by Ignoring B2C Data?

So how do you layer on B2C insights for your B2B contacts? Get started here.

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