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Client Success Story

HR SaaS Company Uses Versium REACH to Reduce Cost to Demo by 43%

Here's how Versium REACH helped this client identify their ideal targets online and dramatically reduce their cost to acquire new leads.
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HR SaaS Company Reduces Cost to Demo by 43%

The Challenge

This client needed to drive more qualified leads and demo requests for their sales team. The audience building tools available on social media ad platforms failed to target and reach the volume of relevant and qualified leads needed. As a result, campaign costs were high and the leads produced were extremely expensive to acquire.

The Goal

Attract HR and recruiting decision makers to sign up for a demo of their recruiting SaaS product while reducing the overall cost to demo through paid social media campaigns.

What Versium Did

Leveraging Versium REACH, this client was able to easily import first-party prospect lists from HubSpot and use REACH's Online Audience feature to layer additional contact points onto their data. In addition, this client received greater value from their purchased lists of business emails by improving the ability to identity the same targets online. Through these two audience creation methods, this client was able to effectively run highly targeted custom audiences through LinkedIn ads.

The Impact

Versium REACH significantly increased the match rates of first-party custom audiences and purchased prospect lists, enabling more efficient and cost effective paid social media campaigns. By having the right people in the audiences and the ability to identify them on the desired ad platforms, cost to demo decreased from $550 to $312.

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