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Versium Launches New Consumer Marketing Data Technologies to REACH Platform

With identity resolution capabilities within REACH, marketers can address these needs with a single, powerfully flexible data analysis system.

Redmond, WA (January 21, 2021) --

Versium, a market-leading data analytics and identity resolution company has launched a new suite of consumer marketing tools to the company's REACH platform. Released in 2019, Versium REACH previously focused exclusively on B2B marketers, enabling them to identity, understand and reach more of their ideal targets. With its latest launch, B2C marketers can now leverage the power of REACH.

Built on top of Versium's industry-leading identity resolution capabilities, Versium REACH leverages unique Business to Business to Consumer (B2B2C) identity mapping, substantially expanding the company's ability to reach their first-party business professionals and consumers across multiple digital touch points—from social platforms to smart TVs.

Versium REACH provides a level of flexibility and analytical nuance not previously available in a single platform. Key benefits include the following:

"The lines of demarcation are less distinct than ever between the business persona and the consumer," said Dillana Lim, CEO of Versium. "Until now, that's not been very easy for marketers to get a full 360 view of an individual. Many marketers want to promote offerings based on what a person does for work, in addition to what they purchase as consumers."

With identity resolution capabilities within REACH, marketers can address these needs with a single, powerfully flexible data analysis system. Versium ID Resolution is helping publishers compete with the "walled gardens" of social platforms, helping enterprises manage internal privacy and data compliance requirements and helping marketers increase their ability to reach business professionals across the digital ecosystem by as much as 5 times what is currently achievable.

"But they can routinely achieve both these objectives using our B2B2C Identity Graph capability," said Lim. "It unlocks and expands targeting capabilities in ways that have never been possible. Companies are genuinely embracing these new capacities."

"Versium REACH has been a tremendous value to my business and client," said Ed Hayes, Owner, MobilEdged LLC. "The price and quality of the data has made REACH our go-to choice for data appending, period. I am able to directly reach the exact prospects I want to target, through several channels, which has improved ROI for myself and my clients. Not only is the product easy-to-use, with the highest quality of data, the one-on-one customer service is next level."

Learn more about how the Versium Identity Graph technology can help advertisers reach the right people, wherever they are online.

About Versium

Versium is a data technology company that operates a powerful B2B2C identity graph and automated predictive analytics engine. Their self-serve demand generation and powerful visualization tools help B2B marketers greatly improve their effectiveness. Versium has spent 8+ years building their database of over 5.9 million North American companies, 33 million people, over 1 trillion demographic attributes, and more than 1,000 industries. The result is the richest B2B2C identity graph that enables B2B marketers to identify, understand and reach their most ideal prospects.