Versium for B2B Paid Advertising

Better B2B Targeting

B2B lead generation doesn't need to stop at paid search, tradeshows, and email marketing. Run online campaigns with confidence.

The Key to Unlocking B2B Social Media Marketing

Versium operates a powerful B2B2C Identity Graph that makes marketing to your key business prospects online outside of their normal work routine possible. Our data improves your online match rates by as much as 520%. That means you're able to gain the touch points you need to convert ideal customers.

B2B Social Media Marketing and Paid Advertising -- Market to your business prospects everywhere they are online

B2B Paid Advertising + Versium REACH

Facebook B2B Paid Social
Facebook Ads

Finally target Facebook users based on valuable firmographic data for powerful B2B marketing campaigns.

Boost the match rates of your Facebook custom audiences.

Own your audiences to use Facebook ads in a true omni-channel marketing strategy.

LinkedIn B2B Paid Social
LinkedIn Ads

Target ABM campaigns to only the target accounts and decision-makers you care about.

Boost the match rates of your LinkedIn matched audiences.

Own your audiences to use LinkedIn ads in a true omni-channel marketing strategy.

Google Ads B2B Paid Social
Google Ads

Create B2B audiences to reach users across Google Search, YouTube, Google Display, and Gmail.

Boost the match rates of your Google audience lists.

Own your audiences to use Google ads in a true omni-channel marketing strategy.

Advertising platform match rates before and after enhancing your data with a rich B2B2C Identity Resolution solution, enabling true omni-channel marketing.
*Metrics are based on an average of several controlled match rate tests. Results may vary based on the quality, quantity, and format of input data.

The Power of Versium's B2B2C Data Layering

People in general don't use their business email address on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Because of that, your match rates when targeting a custom list of B2B targets can be as low as 10%. With Versium REACH, you can increase your match rates by as much as 520%.

The Versium Identity Graph is the beating heart of Versium products. It consists of customer profiles and all the known identifiers that are tied to those individual consumers. These contact points are a road map to your customers - the more data you have, the easier it is to find them and route marketing efforts to them. 

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Find All of Your Existing Customers with Facebook

We've helped B2B marketers improve the reach of their online campaigns by as much as 520%. Watch this 2-minute video to find out how easy it is and sign up for a free trial of Versium REACH.

The Key to Faster Conversions for B2B

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Improving Your Match Rates With Facebook

Experiencing low match rates on Facebook? Learn how marketers can boost their match rates and find more of their ideal customers or prospects with a custom audience.

Ready to get started?

Find out for yourself how easy it is to get high-performing prospects and the data you need to reach them. No credit cards. No commitments.

See Versium REACH in Action

Watch this 2-minute video and see how easy it is to find your existing customers and converters on social media and display platforms using Versium REACH. The new end-to-end B2B targeting platform for the savvy B2B marketer.