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How it works

By connecting through Versium APIs, you are able to access broad, rich sets of data in real time, adding value to your marketing campaigns, CRM databases and web applications. And, you are getting the highest quality and most accurate business and consumer information in the industry.

Get the best data with Versium APIs

Versium’s data is comprised of more than 8,000 aggregated and indexed data files. This includes more than 400 Million email addresses and 300 Billion attributes. The data is generated by businesses and consumers through real life events, actions, and activities both on- and offline.

Here's a few examples of Versium's available APIs

Contact Append API

Let’s say you have some bits of consumer contact information from individuals and you want to add alternate direct contact information. Versium APIs can provide:

  • Email address
  • Phone numbers (or multiple phone numbers)
  • Postal address


Versium takes your input information and matches that information to our vast consumer databases to bring back the associated contract information. This opens up additional marketing channels such as email marketing, direct dialing, or direct mail marketing.

Demographic Append API

Do you have contact information for your your customers or prospects and want to know more about that person? Use the Versium Demographic Append API call to add demographic details to your records.  Now you can segment and prioritize your marketing campaigns. Versium Demographic Append API offers the following 4 Demographic Append Categories:

  • Basic Demographic
  • Household Financial and Auto
  • Lifestyle and Interests
  • Political & Donor

Versium takes your input information and matches that information to our vast consumer databases to bring back the associated demographic details. This allows further segmentation for content creation and a greater ability to prioritize audiences. 

Online Audience Append API

Maximize reach to your target B2B marketing audience. B2B Online Audience Append API improves the online match rates for your B2B lists by up to 5X. Whether your list includes name and business email, or name, business name, and business city/state, Versium’s B2B Online Audience append leverages our B2B2C identity graph to map consumer contact points for business person input records.

  • Appends multiple consumer contact points, such as emails and phones, to increase the chance of reaching prospects with online marketing campaigns. 
  • The API returns pre-formatted data for services like Adroll, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and a generic format. 
  • The pre-formatted data includes appropriate headers to identify each service.


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