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Superior Data Means Better Targeting

We’ve spent over 8 years building our database of over 5.9 million North American companies, 33 million people, over 1 trillion demographic attributes, and over 1,000 industries.

The result: The richest B2B2C identity graph that enables B2B marketers to identify, understand and reach their most ideal prospects.

Our Data by the Numbers

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Complete the Profile of Every Business Target You Have with

Our B2B2C Identity Graph

Our B2B2C layering capabilities increase reach by up to 520% for online B2B campaigns.
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Why Should You Use Our Identity Graph?

Accurate at Scale

Make sure you’re looking at the same people with robust, double-checked matching and AI.

Real-Time & Up-to-Date

Keep up with your audience’s constantly evolving professional and personal profiles.

True B2B2C

To understand how to connect with your business audience, you need their consumer profile so you know what they care about.

Highest Identity Resolution

Have the most complete picture to make sure your target audience is in sharp focus.

Multiple Points of Intersection

Find all of the devices, IPs, and emails people use, in both their personal and professional roles.

Easy to Access

Take your high-performing audiences wherever and whenever with Versium REACH.

What Is Versium?

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We are a data technology company that operates a powerful B2B2C identity graph and automated predictive analytics engine, helping B2B marketers greatly improve their effectiveness throughout the entire buyer journey.

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