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Outerwall Decreased Data Analysis Time by 90%

The location of a retail kiosk is a key component to the success of the company’s business. Determining optimal location can’t just be based on population. Find out how Versium accurately predicted the best locations for 20,000 new retail kiosks using the power of LifeData®.
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The Challenge

An Online University was buying leads from several different sources and seeking to understand the quality of each lead. They wanted to focus their marketing group’s time and effort on leads most likely to enroll in their university. Using Versium’s predictive lead score, they were able to prioritize their outbound sales efforts on high scoring leads, while nurturing low scoring leads through less expensive email drip campaigns. This resulted in a substantial improvement to their Marketing ROI.

The university was generating approximately 30,000 new leads every month from multiple sources, but did not have insight into how to prioritize follow-up with these leads. Without visibility into the quality of each lead, all leads were treated equally, marketing dollars were wasted, and many highly qualified applicants were not contacted in a timely manner.

The Goal

Reduce marketing expenses while maintaining their rate of enrollment.

What Versium Did

The ROI Impact

The university captured 98% of their historical enrollments amount by marketing to only the top 51% of their highest scoring leads.

The university’s custom Predictive Lead Score enabled them to dramatically reduce marketing costs and prioritize admission staff’s time to focus on contacting high-quality applicants before their competition. Versium’s API access also enabled the university to score leads in real time.

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