Case Study

Socially Responsible Employee Benefits Company Launches ABM Strategy With Versium REACH

Here's how Versium REACH helped this client identify their ideal targets online and dramatically reduce their cost to acquire new leads.

Versium REACH

Here’s how Versium helped this client create and launch their first account-based marketing strategy using Versium REACH.

The Challenge

This client’s business requires selling to employees and employers within target firmographics. Because of the nature of their business, this client knew an ABM strategy would be highly successful for them. But, they had difficulty crafting specific enough audiences that would be required to execute a successful ABM strategy. In addition, this client’s programmatic display platform could not provide account-specific audiences and the audiences purchased previously were far too general with fixed CPMs.

The Goal

Enable an ABM programmatic display campaign, using a specific list of target companies, segmented by roles and departments at the target companies.

What Versium Did

Leveraging Versium REACH, this client utilized the ABM audience feature to import a list of target companies. Through the advanced power of Versium’s identity graph, REACH was able to identify individuals within specific roles and departments that were required for this client to accurately execute their new ABM strategy. This client was also able to avoid several costs traditionally required to run a successful ABM campaign, by only paying one monthly fee for an unlimited number of ABM audience creations.

The Impact

Versium REACH unlocked a new account-based marketing capability, and gave this client the ability to target a display advertising campaign to an unlimited number of highly-targeted audiences.

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