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How To Connect With B2B Audiences Online In The Wake Of COVID-19: A World That’s Working From Home And Engaged Online

Tactics to combat marketing difficulties during a global pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has driven a huge segment of our workforce into their homes. Many companies are feeling the weight of these recent worksite changes; leads are down, meetings are falling through and getting clients or prospects on the phone is difficult. This isn’t to say these things aren’t acceptable. Individuals are adapting to their new realities and work routines. Besides operating with new levels of empathy, we as marketers also need to adjust our strategies for getting our messages in front of our audiences. If you once relied on business email addresses and phone numbers to reach your prospects, these techniques are going to fall short. 

Tactics to combat marketing difficulties during a global pandemic:

Now more than ever, B2B businesses need to reignite their social media and display advertising campaigns to get their advertising messages in front of their ideal audiences. Potential leads are working from home which lends to more time spent on social networks. For example, LinkedIn alone has seen a 55% increase in connection engagements. So, how do we leverage the lead lists we currently have to work in our favor during a time when our workforce is at home and online? Versium REACH. 

This B2B marketing platform enables marketers to implement powerful social media and display marketing strategies. The Versium REACH Online Audience feature layers non-professional contact information onto lists in a secure, hashed format - so B2B marketers can export these enhanced audiences and upload them into social media or display advertising platforms for a huge boost in match rates - as high as a 5x improvement. Because individuals rarely use their business contact information when logging into social networks, custom audiences built without Versium REACH produce extremely low match rates. So low that businesses typically don’t find any success when running campaigns against such lists. So, if email and cold calling was once your lifeblood, get ready to add a robust omni-channel approach to your outreach efforts. 

In addition to creating data-enhanced online audiences, Versium REACH also enables B2B marketers to build ABM, Persona-based, and Look-alike audiences.

It's clear that the way we work will continue to evolve far beyond the peak of this global pandemic. The need to identify, understand, and reach our B2B audiences online is crucial, and now is the time to implement new tools and strategies that will propel your business into the future. Give Versium REACH a try for free and start reaching and connecting with your ideal B2B audiences today.

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